Guar Gum Powder

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Indian Hydrocolloids is a leading Manufacturer Exporter of Guar Gum Powder Fast hydrating Grade for use in Hydraulic Fracturing, Oil Well Stimulation, Oil & Gas Well Drilling , Mud Drilling & Fracking.

We prominently supply to operation sites into USA, South America, Middle East, Russia and Australia.

Product List Viscosity (3 min.) Fann Viscosity (60 min.) Fann Moisture Content
FH 40-45 40 45 4% Max.
FH 37-42 37 42 4% Max.
FH 35-40 35 40 8% Max.
FH 30-35 30 35 8% Max.
Parameters Value
Appearance White - Creamish Powder
Odour And Taste Neutral, Characteristic
Moisture Content 11 % Max.
Ph 6.5 – 7.0
Ash Content 2% Max.
Acid Insoluble Matter 1.5% Max.
Starch Absent
Protein 7% Max.
Fiber 1% Max.
Heavy Metals 20 mg/Kg
Lead 2 mg/Kg
Arsenic 3 mg/Kg
Mercury 1 mg/Kg
Cadmium 1 mg/Kg


Packing 25 Kg, Paper Bags (Multilayered), HDPE Laminated with PE liner Bags inside, 1000 kg Big Bags.
Shelf Life 2 Years
Storage Sealed Packaging, Under Dry Conditions.

Fracturing Fluids & Drilling Fluids

Hydraulic Fracturing Technology (HFT) is used in crude oil and natural gas production is approximately fifty years-old. The technique is usually used in the oil and gas industry to improve or enhance the recovery of hydrocarbons from underground formations.

Guar gum and derivatives are the most common types of polymers used in fracturing fluids. Guar crosslinked by borate, Metal-based crosslinking agents & Guar gum and its derivatives account for possibly 90% of all gelled fracturing fluids because they are easily and effectively dispersed.

Combining guar with other polysaccharides (e.g. xanthan) may produce synergetic EOR fluids with controllable rheology and morphology. Furthermore, guar gum has excellent surfactant characteristics such as low surface tension and anti-foaming at severe conditions of salinity and temperature.

Viscosity Modifiers

Natural polysaccharides as Guar gum are attractive biopolymers for viscosity improvement in petroleum exploitation operations due to their relatively low cost, high resistance to mechanical and thermal degradation and their biodegradability which ensures that they will not remain in the environment.

In oil recovery operations, Guar gum & Xanthan mixtures are widely used as viscosity enhancement agents in petroleum industry due to the synergy that they provide. The water based drilling fluid using bentonite, guar gum, polyanionic cellulose PAC. Guar gum shows the highest gel strength and the most stable rheological properties.