Cassia Cinnamon is the dried bark of cassia which is a small, bushy, ever green tree, 18-20 mtr high and 40-60 cm diameter with a straight and cylindrical trunk and grey brown bark, 13-15mm thick when mature.

Cassia Cinnamon occurs mainly in South China, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. In India only a few plants are available. It is grown at altitudes up to 300 mtr MSL with a mean daily temperature of about 23 degree C and an annual rainfall of 1250 mm in about 135 wet days. It is a light demanding tree, slightly shade tolerant when young, preferring cool and wet condition.

H. S. Code : 09061190

Parameters Value
ASH Content 7% Max.
Acid Insuluble ASH 2% Max.
Flavour Characteristics
Moisture 14% Max.
Salmonella Absent / 25 gms.

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