Guar Gum Powder

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Natural and Chemical Derivatives of Guar gum Powder are very useful in Construction and building materials.


WALL PUTTY : For Dry cement based wall putty Guar gum has excellent water retention & good compatibility, It does not form any lumps. The final mixture after the addition of modified guar gum powder shows good adhesion and smooth finishing.

Product : IHC-GuarPutt

GYPSUM BOARDS : On addition of Guar Gum in the gypsum based plaster, it improves smoother finishes.

Product: IHC-GuarGyp

WATERBASED PAINTS : Guar Gum is an important additive for paint. It provides adequate viscosity and prevents spattering when the paint is applied with a roller.

Product: IHC-GuarPaint

Indian Hydrocolloids proudly offers a superior quality of Guar Gum Construction Grade with excellent natural hydrating properties and a unique emulsifying action at extremely competitive prices.